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Are you subluxated?

Are you Subluxated?

Subluxation is the alteration of the normal position of a vertebrae. This causes pressure on nerves and blood vessels which then affects function and sensation to the body and its organ system. This compromises good health.

Some patients only seek out a chiropractic physician if they are in pain. Pain, however, while important, is not as important as function. Are you able to move and work on a daily basis? Most people, even though they own a human body are not aware that pain is a warning sign. There may be something abnormal happening. Your body is asking for your attention.

As humans, we feel the pain. We often do not feel the body functioning abnormally. Without being aware of the possibility of a subluxation, we are unaware of its detrimental presence.

Take a look at  a nerve chart available on our facebook page or in the office.   Follow the area of your pain to see the organs of the body that are supplied by the area that you are experiencing pain.

Its interesting, its intriguing and its vitally important that one understands how their own body functions.

An interesting fact: “Only 10% of the body’s nerve function relates to pain and sensation!”

When a nerve is pinched, it can express itself in the form of pain or numbness. If you ignore it, numbness and pain will most often begin to radiate. This can lead to weakness and loss of reflex with progression to reduction in size or atrophy of muscles.

This natural process can be interrupted if caught early on. The energy which travels down the spinal cord and through the nerves that causes feelings of sensation, supplies every single area of the body. In some cases of subluxation, symptoms may go unnoticed or disguised as poor posture, more frequent colds, exhaustion, lack of energy or problems with an internal organ.

The longer the warning signs are present or the longer its ignored, the longer it will take to reverse. Once you begin losing strength, in the form of dropping things or feeling weak in the legs, your chance of a full recovery is reduced significantly.

How does a chiropractic physician correct a subluxation?

Chiropractors utilize a series of spinal adjustments to interrupt the cycle of misalignment along with exercises and lifestyle advice including nutritional and stress recommendations.

BEWARE: Uncorrected subluxations often result in and also worsen existing spinal degeneration/ decay, formerly called osteoarthritis.

How do you know if you are subluxated? A great place to start is to make an appointment with a chiropractic physician for an evaluation. 


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