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Our patients appreciate our one on one time and attention and quality care with our drug free approach to good health.

Andre U. 

August 02, 2012

I've dealt with back pain most of my life, my visits with Dr. Fallon have been some of the best relief I have had from these pains each time I see her for an alignment. Staff and service have always been great, Thank you Dr. Fallon!


Elisabeth R.

October 10, 2012

Dr. Fallon and the staff at Fallon Chiropractic are fantastic! Their caring and attention to detail with spinal traction has dramatically improved my back pain from herniated discs L4 & L5 without pills or shots!



July 11, 2011

Awesome. I have been going to Dr Fallon over a year now, The DTS traction that she offers people is a life saver for me. I feel like a 1000 pounds is lifted off my lower back after using DTS traction. If you have not been to see Dr. Fallon yet, i suggest you do.

June 30, 2011

Look no further!. Dr. Nancy Fallon and her staff are AMAZING!! I have been a patient of hers for months and see her up to three times a week. She truly cares about me and my personal needs.... She explores EVERY avenue to relieve your pain in a safe, gentle, narcotic free way. She takes all different insurances and also CARE CREDIT (which saved me). Yes, she is the doctor who texts you back!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Thank you Dr. Fallon and staff:)


June 09, 2010

Effective Chiropractic Treatment. Went to see Dr.Fallon for an evaluation on my posture and back/neck pain and was given some relief on the very first visit. I had some soreness and stiffness in my back when I woke up and that has been cleared up ever since the visit. Interested in getting more treatment in the future. Was given great instructions on exercises and was treated very well by Dr.Fallon and the entire staff. I recommend this place to anyone who is interested in seeing a Chiropractic who is caring and experienced.


June 04, 2010

Highly Effective Pain Management. Nancy & her trained, professional staff not only care & take the time to listen & evaluate your specific symptoms but she will exhaust all avenues & modes of treatment in order to bring you relief. These include but are not limited to cold laser, high and low velocity adjustment, targeted traction, myofascial and trigger point massage, stim, ultrasound & far infra-red heat. In addition, if you do not a have health care provider Nancy has very reasonable cash rates & payment plans that aid you in your need for pain relief. Finally, Nancy & her staff are extremely flexible & will adjust their schedule to fit you in when you have those unfortunate flare ups, even if it means staying late. In the end, price is what you pay and value is what get & Fallon Chiropractic is definitely value for your money!



October 04, 2011

Quality & Kindness. For about 4 years now, I've counted on Dr. Fallon for all of my neck adjustments. It really has changed my life. She also introduced me to her phenomenal neck pillows, which have also helped keep my neck feeling normal on a daily basis.

Like the others reviews say, she really does care and listen to your problems and concerns. She also always greets you with a smile, as does her staff.

On my last visit, she used the ultrasound stim therapy on my neck because i threw it out really bad, and I feel it really helped speed up my recovery as I was feeling much better within a day or so.

I <3 Dr. Fallon, and you will too!


Vegas Service Pros
December 15, 2011

Needed help after falling off a ladder. I kind of screwed up my back after falling off a lader a couple of months ago. My doctor sent me to Fallon and after only a few visits, I have about 80% of my movement back.


February 23, 2012

Immediate Pain Relief. I was referred to Dr. Fallon by my neighbor and I was very happy to get a next day appointment with her. She sat me in her office and asked me several questions about my symptoms. She showed me exactly what was happening with my back and why I was experiencing my symptoms through an awesome computer application. I noticed relief after my first treatment on traction and now after two weeks of treatments 3X per week for 15 min I can even stand for over 20 minutes without my legs going numb!

Oh, I also want to mention that she worked out a price for me b/c my cheap insurance does not cover her office visits.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Fallon and her staff!



I hurt my back about 3 years ago and never really pursued it. I just recently had a baby and the pain in my back got worse so i decided to do something about it. Ive been seeing Dr. Fallon for a few weeks and i am currently on my 7th treatment and the pain has greatly improved I m not 100% but it is getting there. its a very positive environment very clean the staff is wonderful and greet you every time you enter the office. i would highly recommend Dr. Fallon to any and everyone. 

Kathi S.

Dr. Fallon does wonders with auto whiplash injuries.  She's conscientious, caring and dedicated to helping you get your life back.  She's helped me through several car accidents (none my fault) and an elevator fall accident and my neck is functioning at 97-99 percent flexibility.  I always recommend her to anyone who has neck problems.  She's the best!!

Josh K.


Get through your 8 hour day!!. I've had consistent neck pain my entire life my repetitive looking down at computer screens at work.

I found Dr. Fallon through google, texted the number, and received a text back within minutes!

I was in the next day, and have been a patient now for 6 weeks, and honestly, I can make it through a workday without taking at least 2 Aleve.

For those who say several times a week is too much? Are you the same type of people who dont like to wait for red lights? or cut in front of me at the grocery store?

I would come to Dr. Fallon everyday if necessary for the type of relief I have been feeling for the past 6 weeks.



October 18, 2009

Dr. Fallon Has a Big Heart And A Healing Hand!!!. My family and I have been going to see Dr. Fallon for 11 years on and off for treatment. Nancy has provided the utmost professional care that cannot be compared. Nancy takes the time to listen to how you feel and provides the best treatment for your needs. Since I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I was having severe headaches and neck pain and shoulder pain, Nancy and her massage therapist Bastista and Maria have TRULY provided me with a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. My pain is gone and I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to have Nancy and her great staff in my life. Not only is Nancy a terrific chiropractic doctor she is also a great human being with compassion for others. Thank you Dr. Nancy Fallon for all your support and care.



July 07, 2009

Welcoming, Thorough & Easy to Find!. Dr & staff are great! No one really waits, but even if you do everyone is so kind and welcoming I didn't want to leave! LOL Caring staff, best treatment, gave the time to really get in and find out whats going on. Why are you in pain?? Dr. Fallon will find out! I had so many options of care I never had before at other offices. All my questions were answered and I know what can help now. Time with Dr. Fallon helped me understand my body and the problems. More important, I know that sticking to her plan makes sense - that means NO MORE PAIN! (Thanks Dr. for being there)



April 13, 2009

Fantastic chiropratic care. From the moment I set foot in the door at Fallon Chiropractic I was greeted by the most warm and caring staff. I felt at ease right away and after a short wait got in to see Dr Fallon.

I found her to be very caring and very proffessional as we discussed my condition and my treatment options. She was very informative as she discussed a treatment plan for me and I knew I had come to the right place.

That was six weeks ago and thanks to Dr Fallon I now can sleep and get a full nights rest something I had not been able to do for some time. I am now able to return to my golf game in fact I think she improved my swing!!

(Thanks Dr.) I highly recommend Fallon Chropractic to anyone who may be looking for the Best Chiropractor in Las Vegas bar none!!!



June 05, 2008

The Gift of Total Wellness. Dr. Fallon, her therapists, and her office staff are true healers of mind, body, and spirit. It is a total package and I leave the office feeling refreshed and whole. I have not only felt better physically (THANK YOU!!) since my car accident, I have also been more creative and happier than I have been in years. Thank you so much to all of the Fallon "Tribe" for the gift of wellness!


January 22, 2008

Got back pain?. Then I highly reccomend Fallon Chiropractic. When I first arrived my upper back was completely compressed. After a few sessions with Dr. Fallon I'm able to actually take deap breathes again! The place is really clean and relaxing. Plus everybody is really friendly and proffesional, from Rhonda at the front desk working with my fussy scheduling, to Dr. Fallon fixing my back and even reffering me to people that might help my business. Go and check them out.



January 21, 2008

Dr. Fallon is Awesome!. I went to Dr Fallon for severe shoulder pain. She took her time and didn't rush me through the appointments. The traction machine is a godsend. I no longer live in agony. I highly recommend you visit her for your Chiropractic needs. Also, she sells these great neck pillows that really do help



October 10, 2007

Best Care any where!. I have been a patient of Dr. Fallon's for about eight years. She has always fixed me and my family. I don't know what we would do without her. As soon as you walk into the office you feel a warm caring feeling from the whole staff. You know this is where you will be careed for. The office offers many different services to met all your needs. I will always return there.


May 31, 2007

A rare find... The only place I will go to! AAA+++. I have been in bad shape for 12 years. The last 4 years have been the worst... Back, Knees & Shoulder. Nobody has been able to help me until Fallon Chiropractic! A perfect alternative to surgery for me. Hopefully they will help you to!

Thanks Dr. Fallon!

Mark B



March 25, 2007

Dr. Fallon is the best!. Dr. Fallon and her staff are really great. This is the place to go if you have nagging back pain.

You will be feeling good as new in no time.


March 25, 2007

Great service! Great Doctor! Cheap Cash plans!. Best place in town when u don't have insurance. They Treat you just the same

as if u did have coverage.Oh the ATM does wonders.

(now if only every other doctor was this way.)

Thank you Dr.fallon and Staff!!!!!!!


March 24, 2007

Professionalism at its best!. Hey, I was afraid that this Chiropractor would be too gentle...not so,, i am a very large man...and boy, i got a great adjustment. Great office, great staff. A1+++++++


March 07, 2007

Very Nice Doctor, Dr Fallon best in vegas!. Very Nice Staff, reassured my fears, definately would go again Office very nice, very professional and well looked after.


corepegJoined 5 years ago

March 01, 2007

Fallon Chiropractic is the ONLY place to go!. Nice office....friendly staff..helped immensely...thank you Dr. Fallon! This place has all the treatments that i needed! I am going to go back for wellness care too!

January 27, 2007

Fantastic Chiropractor. I have always had reservations about Chiropractors until I hurt my back and was referred to Dr Fallons office. After meeting with Dr Fallon she explained what it was going to take to get me back on the road to recovery. She outlined a treatment plan for me and told me that how quickly I healed would be a result of my making my appointments and following the treatment plan. Well she was right after just a couple of visits I had made a marked improvement. She put me on a machine called the ATM and within the first session the pain was gone. I can't say enough about Fallon Chiropractic. The staff is friendly, the office is relaxing and Dr Fallon is the best. Why suffer with pain? Make an appointment and and get rid of your pain, I did and I feel great.... Thanks Dr Fallon....

Greg B



October 27, 2006


I was travelling and found Dr. Fallons office by chance. She got me in the same day and I was treated with care and concern. She actually diagnosed my neck herniation. Even my MD wasnt able to do that. I am so glad I went to Dr. Fallon, not one of those high volume chiropractors who rush you in and out. thank you Dr. Fallon!



August 05, 2006

the best Chiropractor in Las Vegas. Dr Fallon is amazing. I have never had such fantastic results for my back in my life. I found her office very comfortable and her staff wonderful. I have suffered with severe back pain for years and since treating with Dr Fallon I am at 97% pain free and now am able to golf and play tennis again. She has some of the most revolutionary equipment for getting rid of back pain. On my last vist she put me on this new peice of equipment which by the way I have not been able to bend over and touch the floor without pain in my lower back for years, I was amazed. I could actully bend over and touch my shoes, it was fantastic.

I highly recommend Dr Fallon.


May 29, 2006

Very good. Dr. Fallon is highly professional and cordial, respectful and an extremely good listener. She takes time with her patients to fully understand their injuries. I would recommend Dr. Fallon to my good friends and family.



May 21, 2006

The Doctor The Healer The Professional. I was rear ended at a high rate of speed. I never experenced pain like I did after that collision. I work construction and I could hardly make it through my work day. My M.D. perscribed medications which i couldnt take while driving.

After suffering with intense back and shoulder pain for a couple of weeks a friend of mine recommended Dr Nancy Fallon.

Dr Fallon and her staff are true professionals. They made me feel very comfortable and right away I had the sense that was going to get releif from the pain. Dr Fallon assured me that she could help me but I needed to committ to following the treatment plan and to do the exercises at home that she was going to give me. I am now pain free and have almost returned to 100%. Thanks Doc you are the best!!



May 13, 2006

Finally a chiropractor who really helps!. Dr. Fallon has a wonderful office, staff and bedside manner as well as a real concern for me as a patient! I'm not made to feel like "just another joe"! I have had excellent relief from my chronic lower back and hip pain...sciatic pain, which is horrible, with her DTS machine. A week of 10 minute, painless, "stretches" on the table and the pain in my hip and back was relieved. I also had some adjustments to my vertebra and massage and I'm back playing tennis! I highly recommend Dr. Falon.


May 11, 2006

God's healing touch. Dr. Fallon has a quiet reassuring manner and a gentle healing touch. Unlike other chiropractors I've visited Dr. Fallon prepares for adjustments by relaxing the muscles. I'm a trained nurse who now is a 'believer' in the kind of care Dr. Fallon provides.



April 15, 2006

Dr. Fallon is highly recommended. I was glad to find a Chiropractor like the one in my hometown. A friend sent me to Dr. Fallon. Im so happy that i feel and move better now. My arthritis has felt a lot better with her care.


February 07, 2006

The best!. Dr. Fallon takes her time with her patients and does not make people wait extended periods of time. She has a quality practice and wonderful bedside manner. I highly recommend her and would not go to any other chiropractor.



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