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Please tune in the first Thursday of every month from 5-6 pm on the radio to hear Dr. Fallon live on the Staying Healthy radio show with Jeff Burke.  The show is a natural health show meant to help you feel better naturally.  The show can be heard on the internet at any time by clicking on the following link.  Look to the right side of the page and click on LISTEN LIVE.

The Staying Healthy show is sponsored by the Stay Healthy Store on Rancho and Charleston here in Las Vegas.  It is a full service health food store that Dr. Fallon recommends as they carry the highest quality supplements and natural remedies for a healthy, happy life.  Click on the following link to visit their informative website.

I personally sleep on this bed after owning beds that fall short of expectations including those memory foam bed and beds that cost thousands of dollars.  The sleep number bed has changed not only my life, but also the lives of many of my patients.  This is the only bed I know of that you can return if you don't love it.  I can't express my satisfaction for this bed enough.  I have so many patients who suffer from pain in the neck and back upon waking up that is  due to or worsened by a mattress that lacks in support of the curves of the spine.   I have seen life changing experiences with this bed.   This is the only bed I will ever recommend to my patients, and the only one I will ever use myself.

We carry Footmaxx orthotics to help not only pain in the feet, but also reduce pressure on the knees, hips and back.  Please feel free to click on this link to see these wonderful custom made orthotics.

Dr. Kennedy has extensive background and is the premier expert on decompression.  His system of evaluation and treatments has been adopted here at Fallon Chiropractic.

We carry biofreeze!

Many of the products we sell at Fallon Chiropractic are reviewed here at DC online.

At Fallon Chiropractic, we carry theraband and theraband products.  This is an effective way to keep pain from returning by stretching and strengthing tight muscles.

Every day we use a table from this wonderful company that gives our patients relief of neck and back pain,stiffness, and more.  This infrared table increases movement and makes people feel better thus making them happier!

After 25 years in practice as a chiropractic physician, i have only carried the original core roll pillow for reduction of neck pain and help in getting a good nights sleep with less pain.  I personally use this pillow and will continue to prescribe it to my patients to help hold spinal alignment and reduce pain.

We utilize kinesiotaping as a natural method to stimulate healing.  This tape tugs on the skin and the body recognizes there is something foreign on the skin, thereby stimulating the bodys own healing response.  This natural tape provides comfort from pain in shoulders, wrist pain, back pain, neck pain, ankle sprains, knee sprains,  muscle pulls and more.


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