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Spinal Decompression

We have TWO  state of the art, affordable spinal traction-decompression systems.  We have the comfortable, pain relieving traction system called the DTS system, aka Decompression Traction System.  

Check out this link to see this safe, pain relieving system.

We also have the newest Kennedy Decompression Table system.  Please visit this link to see more about this system.

If you have degenerative disc disease, disc deformities or a slipped or protruding disc, then you should consider spinal traction at Fallon   Even if you have had back pain and no relief with any other treatments, you should try spinal traction here at Fallon Chiropractic.  

Our traction systems are  non-surgical treatments that bring relief to patients with chronic lower back problems or pain in the neck pain, legs or arms.

Essentially, spinal traction eases the burden on your spine. Not too long ago, patients with spinal disc issues could only hope to get some relief through major invasive surgery. Thanks to spinal traction, they have an innovative, safer option. Patients who complain about lower back pain, hip or buttocks pain or even numbness or tingling in the legs or feet can be treated with spinal traction therapy.

Studies have shown that traction treatment is safer and more effective than surgery. This treatment acts to unblock the pressure in the affected discs and thus allows natural healing to take place. 

Whether you were recently injured or underwent surgery several years ago, spinal traction can still be a good option for you. If you have been suffering with chronic pain for more than a month, it's a clear indication that you should seek treatment to prevent permanent damage to the affected disc.

Spinal traction works and it's an excellent alternative to surgery. Talk to Dr. Nancy Fallon and her staff at Fallon Chiropractic about this beneficial, effective and affordable treatment. 

Our clients are often so comfortable during treatment that they fall asleep, read or even talk on the phone.  In just a few sessions, most people start to experience dramatic relief of pain.   

Here is a photo of someone undergoing neck traction:


Here is a photo of someone undergoing back traction:


Our traction is affordable too.

The initial visit of $99 includes a session of traction.  Follow up sessions are $65

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