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Happy August

Q:  Did you know that the hot weather causes an increase in sweating or perspiration which in turn tends to cause dehydration of the body.  Dehydration causes us not only to feel thirsty, but also to feel worn out.  Not only is dehydration dangerous, our bodies have a hard time functioning normally when dehydrated too.  

When you receive a treatment here at Fallon Chiropractic, you will notice that we hand you a glass of pure cold water after your treatment to help reduce the chances of dehydration and also stimulate movement of toxins out of your body.  

You will most likely also notice that after a treatment here you will sleep better,  hear better and even colors may be clearer due to a reduction of pressure on the nervous system.  Recently a few of our clients mentioned that they were able to turn to see oncoming traffic easier after a spinal alignment.   It is also common to find that you may have to re-adjust your rear view mirror after you leave as you are able to sit up straighter.  

Q:   Are you taking the time for  a regular wellness tune-up for your body including chiropractic care and massage therapy?  

We often get asked if you have to have pain to get a chiropractic treatment.  The answer is NO.  
Chiropractic physicians are trained to evaluate the spine for alignment early on so that misalignments can be corrected before pain starts.    

For those people who are in pain, after a few sessions when you realize that you are feeling better and you are able to do activities you love to do again without pain, you will want to stick to a wellness plan to keep feeling and functioning better.  

Q:  Are you drinking enough water and taking your multivitamins and minerals?  

Q:  Are you taking care of yourself with regular chiropractic wellness treatments?

 We help people feel better without medications, injections and surgery.  

Happy August from Dr. Nancy Fallon, Cherie, Jessica, Sylvia, Lindsey, Lani and Janalyn.


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