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May is national arthritis month. Are you aware that chiropractic care can help arthritis by reducing stiffness, increasing movement of the joints and spine, restoring flexibility?

Walking in the door, you will be greeted by smiling faces.  You will smell the faint comforting aroma of peppermint or one of the other many natural aromatherapy oils we use here to help naturally stimulate the body.  

You notice that the lights are muted to reduce strain on the eyes and prepare you for a relaxing health rejuvenating experience.  One of our friendly professional therapists leads you into a private treatment room with a comfy therapy bed.  Here she applies a moist heat pack prior to your spinal alignment and or massage session.   You will be instructed to relax and take deep breaths.  

You breathe deep and find comfort in knowing that you can leave your problems outside the door here.  Dr. Fallon, with her calming voice, comes in the room,  starts at the feet and moves up the spine motioning and checking each joint to ensure it is in alignment and allowing full nerve function to all parts of the body not only to muscles, joints and extremities but also to important organs such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs and more.  You feel gentle releases of pressure here and there as she gently thrusts with her hands up and down your spine.  
Dr. Fallon reminds you that pain is your bodies way of informing you that there is something going on and that its so important to listen to your body.  Pain is your alarm system and popping a pill is akin to pulling the battery out of a smoke detector when it goes off.    You smile knowing you were smart enough not to ignore those signals anymore.  You know you deserve to feel better, move better and be happy again.  

You get up off the table, you instantly feel better.  The kinks you had are now gone.  You notice that nagging trouble with moving your neck is much better, you breathe deeper and sigh, you feel better again.  

You head out the door and off to play basketball or go to the movies.  You remember a time when you could no longer do either due to pain.   You smile and breathe a sigh of relief.  You feel good again and it shows.  Your family is happy that you are happy again too!

Chiropractic care helps restore the bodies own healing response without drugs, injections or surgery.  It should not be the last option, but should be the first option in conservative care.  

Imagine how happy you will be once you feel better again!  


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